How to encourage children to be active

1. Find an activity that he likes. It will be an incentive not to quit. Better yet, choose one that involves the whole family.

2. Choose function of age. For example, a child seven or eight years is not ready to lift weights … but play football, cycling, or swimming activities are appropriate.

3. Make sure that the environment is safe. Ensure that the equipment used and locationare  are appropriate.

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7 Benefits of Sugar

 “Art without emotion its like chocolate cake without sugar. It makes you gag” ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
Sugar is everywhere. It is hard to escape it! When on a diet some of us experience an extreme control of calories in sugar: calories in coffee, calories in butter, calories in tea, calories where’s no calories.

However, is the sugar so harm to your health? Is it compatible with a minimalist living ? Or is just a myth?

If we dig it deeper in the world of sugar we can find some of the myths surrounding and more than that, some of the benefits of sugar.

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How to Exercise Body & Mind

 There is a misdirected obsession with weight and weight loss, the focus is all wrong. It’s fitness that is the key ~ Steven Blair
Often when we decided to start some sport activity we have in mind only one major goal: to lose weight.

However, we rarely have in mind the most important part in us, our mind.

After I wrote the post 6 tips to never leave the Gym Again I got some emails asking for exercises that not just would get our body in fit but also our mind.

Thinking for a while I got a list of some exercises that will help us to shape our body as it keeps our mind in balance.

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6 Tips to Never Leave the Gym Again

 Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness ~ Edward Stanley

We know how much better we fell after doing exercise and we all have the best intentations to go as often as possible to the gym.

However there seems to be always something to serve as an excuse to miss it time after time.

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Ayn Rand Quote

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Glass House at Dawn Architect Philip Johnson 1949

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